Latex Masks

Latex Steel Head Fixation “Warrior” by Style Fetish

Who hasn’t thought about how to securely and strictly fix the head on a piece of SM furniture? The face mask can be attached to a variety of our BDSM furniture with a wide range of adapters. From the treatment chair to the slave chair to the treatment couch and our facesitting seats.

After inserting the head, the upper frame is folded down. The latex stretches evenly over the head and fixes it absolutely effectively. Due to the special geometric hole arrangement, the pressure of the taut latex insert is distributed pleasantly over the face and envelops the head. How tightly the head is to be fixed can be freely adjusted with different locking levels, i.e. from soft to hard.

Rental price: 30€

Functions at a glance

  • An exciting and intense head fixation, perfectly adapted to the head.
  • The special geometry of the holes gives this latex mask maximum stability, we only broke you by force. But should something go wrong, the latex insert in the interchangeable frame can be easily replaced.
  • An intelligent exchange system allows the latex insert to be easily removed from the base frame.
  • Easy exchange of different mask inserts.
  • Different latex inserts are optionally available, ready to use in the convenient exchangeable frame.
  • Adjustable intensity levels, from soft to hard.
  • Easy attachment to a wide variety of furniture thanks to a multifunctional holder.
  • Different types of adapters for different furniture allow the head mask to be quickly changed from one piece of furniture to another.
  • The universal holder can be attached to many of our SM furniture.
  • Further adapters, for example to attach other head fixings from our range to the universal holder, can be ordered optionally.

Bondage Leather Mask with Mouth Gag

Our bondage leather mask, soft as nappa leather, has a lace fastening on the back. Our elaborately crafted mask is equipped with separately removable attachments for eyes and mouth. Under the mouthpiece is a firmly attached, bite-proof mouth gag in the shape of a penis. The bondage mask has an integrated, lockable leather collar.

Rental price: 40€

strap-on breathing mask